Airglo: Crossing the Boundaries of Drum and Bass with New Projects

Airglo, a noteworthy name in the Drum and Bass scene, has been actively engaging his audience with a variety of musical endeavors.

With a background that combines his passion for melodic elements and heavy drum and bass rhythms, Airglo has carved a niche for himself in the electronic music world.

His approach to music production is meticulous; he often revisits his tracks after a few months to ensure they stand the test of time, blending old and new elements to create something unique and enduring.


Recently, Airglo has been part of several exciting projects. His collaboration with Wraith, “Freak Show,” is a track that celebrates the spirit of rave culture and the freedom to express oneself.

It’s a homage to the roots of electronic and dance music culture, particularly resonating with communities that found a haven in dance music spaces.

This track aims to empower listeners to shed their inhibitions and embrace their individuality in a post-COVID world.

Additionally, Airglo teamed up with Captain Bass and Émilie Rachel to create a Drum and Bass anthem that’s been gaining traction.

This track features a blend of pop and melodic elements, maintaining enough weight for festival play while being accessible for a broader audience.

It’s a testament to Airglo’s ability to merge different styles while keeping the essence of Drum and Bass intact.

Airglo’s journey from his early days in Eastern Europe to becoming a significant figure in the Drum and Bass community in the United States is a story of relentless dedication and a deep love for electronic music.

His classical training and affinity for metal music contribute to his unique sound – a fusion of the grandiose and the gritty.

His diverse musical background and innovative approach to Drum and Bass make him an artist worth following for fans of the genre.

Whether it’s heavier tunes or more melodic, chill tracks, Airglo’s work continues to evolve, offering something fresh and exciting for his audience.


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