AKOV Joins the DNBTV Family

We are excited to announce that AKOV, the talented drum and bass producer, has joined our DNBTV family. AKOV, whose real name is Alexander Ushakov, is renowned for his unique blend of electronic music, particularly neurofunk, combined with heavy metal elements and innovative sound textures.

Brief Introduction

AKOV has become a standout name in the drum and bass scene thanks to his complex beats and deep bass lines. His career took a significant leap with the release of the “Mantra” EP in 2014, which topped the DNB Beatport charts. Since then, he has regularly appeared at major festivals and clubs across Europe, including Let It Roll, the world’s largest drum and bass festival.

Creative Process and Inspiration

AKOV’s creative process often begins with working on the main hook or drop, followed by meticulous tuning and mixing of individual elements. He uses various software tools, with Ableton being his DAW of choice. He draws inspiration from multiple sources, including documentaries and nature, which help him overcome creative blocks.

Vision and Plans

AKOV has several new projects lined up, including multiple EPs set for release in the near future. He is also expanding his repertoire to include other sub-genres of drum and bass, promising fans a variety of liquid and vocal dancefloor tracks.

Welcoming AKOV

We are thrilled to welcome AKOV to our DNBTV family. His energetic and innovative productions are sure to bring a new dynamic and excitement to our community. We look forward to his future projects and our shared successes!


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