Back to the Past: LTJ Bukem and His Influence on the Drum and Bass Scene

LTJ Bukem, born Daniel Williamson, is considered one of the innovators and pioneers of drum and bass music. His unique approach and significant contribution to the genre place him among the most influential figures in the music scene.

In the 1990s, Bukem gained recognition for his ability to merge drum and bass with the softer, melodic sounds of jazz and ambient music. His style, sometimes referred to as “intelligent drum and bass,” presented an alternative to the hard and fast energy of hardcore genres. This style is characterized by the use of smooth breakbeats, keys, live vocals, and a slower tempo, earning him a reputation as an innovator and contributing to the popularization of hardcore music in the UK in the mid-90s.

His work from the early 90s includes an effort to create an alternative future for drum and bass by incorporating softer influences from London’s rare groove and acid jazz scenes. His album “Journey Inwards,” released in 2000, is considered the pinnacle of his jazz and fusion influences. Additionally, he delved into the downtempo end of electronic music with the subsidiary label Cookin’ and the Earth compilation series.

Bukem also ran the London club night Speed alongside another drum and bass DJ, Fabio. His significant influence on the scene is further supported by his work with his own label, Good Looking Records, where he supported artists like Blame, Seba, and Photek.

Some of Bukem’s most famous tracks include “Demon’s Theme” (1992), “Music / Enchanted” (1993), and “Horizons” (1995). These tracks showcase his unique approach to creating drum and bass music, which was heavily influenced by jazz and ambient sounds.
LTJ Bukem remains one of the most respected and recognized artists in the drum and bass area, and his influence is still felt in modern music production


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