Aze, a distinguished Czech music producer and DJ, has been a dynamic force in the dnb scene since 2010. Starting with a focus on liquid drum and bass, Aze has evolved his style over the years, now renowned for his unique sound that skillfully blends the gentleness and melody of liquid with the rhythm of jump-up, all underscored by a rich bass line and elements of mainstream music.

His dedication to DJing is as fervent as his production work. Aze’s talent has taken him beyond the Czech Republic, with notable performances in cities like London and Brighton, showcasing his international appeal and ability to captivate audiences abroad.

In the recording studio, Aze has made a name for himself with releases under prestigious labels like Quantum Records and Lifestyle Recordings, further cementing his reputation in the dnb community. His association with The Official Liquicity team, Hoofbeats gang, and Bass Bros highlights his active role in promoting and shaping the drum and bass genre.

Aze’s journey from liquid drum and bass to developing his distinct sound reflects his artistic growth and commitment to the genre. His tracks not only resonate with dnb enthusiasts but also appeal to a broader audience, thanks to his skillful fusion of various musical elements. As a DJ, his performances are a testament to his versatility and ability to engage with diverse crowds, making him a respected figure in the drum and bass circuit both at home and internationally.

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