Furious Freaks is a dynamic Czech drum&bass project founded in 2012, consisting of members Hayppa, Bonduel, Avenues, and Flyp. They are known for their energetic performances at major festivals such as Let It Roll, Rock for People, and Beats for Love. In 2014, they began producing their own music and released their first tracks in 2016 under the Italian label BNCexpress.

Famous for their diverse and innovative approach to drum&bass, their significant releases include the EPs “Ravens” and “Sonar Cave” with BNCexpress, and collaborative projects like “Freaks & Friends LP.” In 2019, they released the successful music video “Na Stage” in collaboration with producer Magenta and MC Brejchus, blending rap with drum&bass. Their music often combines various elements and subgenres of drum&bass, creating a unique sound.

A recent highlight is their track “Meltdown” released on the DeVice label in 2023, confirming their ongoing influence and popularity in the drum&bass scene.

Furious Freaks continues to innovate and push the boundaries of traditional drum&bass standards, gaining fans not only in the Czech Republic but globally.