Halucinator is an Italian drum & bass duo composed of producers . The duo was established in 2010 following a series of successful collaborations, which unveiled their shared passion for dark and energetic electronic music. Since then, they have been releasing music under various leading drum & bass labels, including PRSPCT Recordings, Yellow Stripe Recordings, Future Sickness Records, among others.

Halucinator has gained support from many prominent artists in the scene, such as Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Counterstrike, Audio, The Panacea, and Current Value. Known for their hard and atmospheric style, they released the EP “Mind Breaker” on PRSPCT Recordings in 2015, receiving support from artists like Counterstrike and The Panacea.

Halucinator is known for their dynamic and uncompromising approach to drum & bass and are considered to be future pioneers of the genre. Their debut album, “The New World Disorder,” released episodically from 2018 to 2020, is regarded as their best material yet, showcasing their unique and innovative style.

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