Drum and Bass Scene Revs Up in 2024: New Releases and Tours Set the Stage

The Drum and Bass community is gearing up for an exciting year in 2024, with a flurry of new releases and major tours that promise to keep the beats rolling and the bass thumping.


Fresh Beats on the Horizon

The year kicks off with some eagerly anticipated releases.

MV’s “Zara” and “Time to Fly,” scheduled for release on Gutting Audio, are stirring the scene with their unique fusion of punchy, eerie beats and dark, subduing basslines.

These tracks are expected to bring a fresh vibe to the DnB realm.

Despersion, after the success of their debut album ‘Rave,’ is dropping a new single titled “Despoir” on SLK Records.

This track is a blend of moody intros, deep kicks, and enchanting vocalizations, wrapped up with high-energy drops that are bound to resonate with the dancefloor crowd.

Adding more flavor to the mix, Skrimor’s ‘Keep on Funkin EP’ on Neuropunk Records is set to release, featuring three original tracks alongside a remix of Teddy Killerz’s “Untitled 6.”

Known for its upbeat mood and earth-shattering basslines, this EP promises to be a staple in upcoming DnB sets.

Tour Announcements and Events

In tour news, the legendary Drum and Bass duo Chase & Status are embarking on a North American tour, bringing their dynamic performances to cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Denver. Known for their energetic sets and powerful tracks like.

Don’t miss the WORSHIP North America Tour in Los Angeles on March 30, 2024, featuring top drum & bass artists: Sub Focus, Dimension, Culture Shock, and 1991. The event at Hollywood Palladium from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM offers an energetic atmosphere and a unique musical experience for attendees over 18. For more information and ticket purchases, visit the Insomniac Events and Jambase websites. Be a part of one of the biggest music events of the year in the heart of Los Angeles!

A Vibrant Year Ahead

These developments illustrate the diverse and dynamic nature of the Drum and Bass scene. With a blend of established artists and emerging talents, 2024 looks set to be a year of innovation and excitement for fans of the genre. Whether it’s the deep, pulsating rhythms of neurofunk or the melodic flows of liquid funk, the year ahead holds something for every Drum and Bass aficionado.

For more information on these events and releases, DnB enthusiasts can follow updates on respective artists’ and labels’ websites and social media platforms.



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