Estewes represents ‘Paradigma’

Estewes, renowned for his innovative approach to drum and bass, is set to release his latest album ‘Paradigma’. This album, which will be number [3] on our label DNBTV.COM, represents another significant step in his career. In this interview, Estewes provides an exclusive insight into his creative process and what we can expect from ‘Paradigma’.

What inspired you to create the album ‘Paradigma’?

There wasn’t a specific intention, but since my last album, I’ve accumulated enough tracks, so I compiled them into an album.

How has your musical style evolved from your previous projects to ‘Paradigma’?

That’s something the listener can objectively judge. From the beginning, I’ve adhered to the philosophy that a good producer should be able to do everything, or at least try to. So, the evolution lies in that I’m engaging with the entire spectrum of electronic music.

Are there any tracks on ‘Paradigma’ that you consider fundamental or particularly close to your heart?

It’s like with children. Of course, I love them all equally 😀

Can you reveal anything about the collaborations featured on ‘Paradigma’?

If I’m not mistaken, there’s just one in terms of production, which is a remix of a Wacso track. It’s a well-established system because Wacso regularly sends me his stuff for years, and when something really catches my attention, I ask for a remix. Otherwise, Noctucat aka Farley did the mastering because he has mastered other releases of mine and always did a great job.

Why did you choose the title ‘Paradigma’ for the album, and what does it mean to you?

The tracks on the album represent drum and bass as it used to be made and appreciated, and since I don’t hear these styles much nowadays, I had to create them myself 😀

What reactions do you expect from fans to ‘Paradigma’?

Turbulent 😀

What are your plans after releasing ‘Paradigma’? Are you planning a tour or working on other projects?

Do you know how to make God laugh? Make a plan 😀 Of course, there will be production, DJing, and general lounging 😀

This chat with Estewes really shines a light on what makes him a standout in today’s drum and bass world. With ‘Paradigma’ dropping soon, it’s not just another notch in his discography. It’s a real showcase of how he’s grown and evolved as an artist. You can tell he’s poured his heart into this one, and it’s not just about laying down tracks – it’s about pushing boundaries and staying true to his roots. Can’t wait to see what he whips up next, whether he’s mixing it up in the studio or just chilling out. Keep an eye on him, folks – he’s always full of surprises!


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