Furious Freaks: Interview on Their Latest EP “The Sentence” and More

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the members of Furious Freaks to discuss their latest EP, “The Sentence”.

This trio, known for their distinctive approach to drum & bass, provided an exclusive insight into their creative process, the inspiration behind their latest work, and their collaboration with the internationally recognized label, Phase Records.

Where did the inspiration for “The Sentence” come from and what’s the story behind this EP?

“The EP is a collection of our harder tunes that we’ve been working on over the past two years.

We wanted each of the tunes to have a slightly different vibe, yet complement each other. ‘

The Sentence’ and ‘Intensions’ offer more of a cinematic vibe, while ‘Denial’ and ‘Where Are You From’ represent the rolling energy that has always resonated with us.”

How did the cooperation between you and Phase Records come about, and what does it mean to you?

“Gifta, the manager of Phase Records, noticed us during our set at the LiR 2022 festival.

She started following us on our socials and eventually hit us up with an offer to collaborate.

We’re thrilled to be noticed by international labels, and that we can introduce our music to a new audience.”

Which tune from the EP is the closest to you, and why?

“If we had to pick one, it would probably be ‘Intensions’ because we’ve been spinning it in our sets for some time now, and it always detonates the whole stage.

Ravers love that tune.”

What is the main message you’d like your fans to take from ‘The Sentence’ EP release?

“We’d like our fans to take away the fact that we’re a steady player not only on the local Czech scene but also that we produce diverse music.

Whether it’s through the epic narratives of ‘Sentence’ and ‘Intensions’ or the pulsating grooves of ‘Denial’ and ‘Where Are You From’, we hope the fans will enjoy listening to the whole EP!”

How was the cooperation with Gifta and her team on this project?

“It was great! The cooperation with Phase Records as a whole is very smooth, they have a professional mindset, and their promotion is also very well planned.”

What are your plans after this release? Is there anything specific we can look forward to?

“You can already start looking forward to our videoset from the summer LiR 2023, which is releasing in spring.

We also have a couple of additions to our FREAKBARZ edition where we collaborate with various MCs and try to bring a bit of a grime flavour to drum & bass.

Moreover, we’re in the process of signing a few new EPs, so definitely, there is a lot our fans can expect from us in the coming months!”

With “The Sentence” EP, Furious Freaks not only affirm their position on the Czech scene but also demonstrate their ability to push the boundaries of the genre and create music that resonates with listeners worldwide.

Their collaboration with Phase Records opens up new opportunities, and with upcoming projects on the horizon, the future of this trio seems brighter than ever.


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