Interview with the founder of DNBTV

To kick off our new website, we invite you to an interview with Jan Markes, the founder of this exciting project. Jan, who has been part of the Prague drum and bass scene for years, is transferring his passion and experience into the world of digital media.

Jan isn’t on this journey alone. He’s supported by a team of talented individuals, thanks to whom DNBTV is becoming a reality. You’ll learn more about these wonderful collaborators in our future posts. Now, let’s dive into Jan’s story and explore the path that led to the creation of this unique platform.

What motivated you to start DNBTV?

Well, you know, I’ve always been close to DNB. As a DJ for over 18 years, I’ve had the honor of being part of this amazing scene. And that’s what spurred me to create a place where fans could come together and share our common passion for DNB.

What is your vision and what do you want DNBTV to achieve?

My dream is for DNBTV to become a go-to place for every DNB lover. I want us to connect the community, discover new talents, and bring music back to the people. And, of course, to host the best parties that really entertain people.

What was the biggest challenge in creating DNBTV?

Well, definitely assembling a great team. And then there was the pandemic, which slowed us down but didn’t stop us. We had to be creative and find new ways to reach people even in those tough times.

Why do you think DNBTV is something special?

“You know, we’re not just another music website. We’re a community, a family. We give people a place where they can share their experiences, discover new music, and connect with others who love DNB just as we do.”¨

What is your relationship with artists and festival organizers?

It’s all about friendship and professional approach. We work together to make every event unforgettable. And most importantly, we try to create an environment where everyone feels at home.