VirCZ announces new single “Feel That Way” and mix set “Late Night”

Attention, drum and bass lovers! On May 1st, the renowned producer Vircz will release his new single “Feel That Way.” This single is highly anticipated as Vircz is known for his unique approach to composition, blending energetic rhythms with melodious elements.

To celebrate the release of the new single, Vircz has also prepared a new mix set titled “Late Night.” This 40-minute set is the perfect mix of fresh tracks and proven hits, resonating with his distinctive style. For those who want to dive into both new and classic drum and bass sounds, the “Late Night” mix is now available on our DNBTV YouTube channel and on SoundCloud.

Remember, with the arrival of “Feel That Way,” Vircz once again showcases his talent and passion for music. Follow us on social media and share your thoughts and experiences using the hashtag #FeelThatWay.


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