Mean Teeth, an Estonian/Lithuanian drum & bass duo consisting of producers Voice and Ophzet, emerged in the global drum & bass scene with their first release on Bad Taste Recordings in 2015. Their music, characterized by a blend of dark, funky, and hard-hitting elements, has earned them respect and support from renowned artists in the scene, including Ed Rush, Cause4Concern, Audio, Black Sun Empire, and London Elektricity.

Mean Teeth’s journey in the music world has been marked by successful collaborations and a steady release of music across various esteemed drum & bass labels like Red Light Recordings, Cause4Concern Recordings, Lifestyle Music, Kill Tomorrow, and Renegade Hardware. They have also made significant inroads into the European drum & bass circuit, performing in countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, the Netherlands, Austria, and the UK.

Their collaborative efforts have included work with established names such as Merikan, Volatile Cycle, and Trilo. Mean Teeth’s style, versatile and uncompromising, has become a staple in drum & bass DJ sets aimed at energizing crowds. Their debut album, “Bring Back The Funk,” released as a series of four-track EPs from 2018 to 2020, showcases their unique and forward-thinking approach to drum & bass music.

In 2020, they completed their debut album, “Bring Back The Funk,” which was released episodically as four-track EPs over a two-year period, further establishing their presence in the drum & bass world.

Mean Teeth continue to push the boundaries of drum & bass, proving themselves as pioneers of heavy, funky, and aggressive styles in the genre

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