Estewes, a seasoned Czech DJ and music producer, embarked on his musical journey in 2000, delving into the world of drum’n’bass. His extensive collection features a diverse range of drum’n’bass tracks, showcasing his dedication to the genre. With a passion for expanding his musical repertoire, Estewes enhanced his performances with scratching techniques and ventured into the realm of music production.

His early productions culminated in several singles and the debut album “No rest for the dancers,” released under Deafmuted Records, marking a significant milestone in his career. This album reflected his deep-rooted connection with drum’n’bass, yet it also signaled the beginning of his exploration into other musical styles.

In collaboration with DJ N.E.D., Estewes formed the Act of Mood project, steering away from his drum’n’bass roots to embrace a wider array of musical genres. This collaboration resulted in several albums, including the noteworthy “Xoren,” published by io.lab records, demonstrating their versatility and commitment to musical experimentation.

Estewes’ diverse experiences and explorations in music come to fruition in his radio show “Relax.” In this show, he seamlessly blends official releases with unreleased tracks, creating a unique listening experience. He also showcases works from other like-minded producers, providing a platform for diverse musical expressions. The overall concept of his show is simple yet engaging: a relaxing hour with Estewes, where listeners are treated to a varied selection of calming and soothing music. This format has resonated well with his audience, further cementing his status as a multifaceted artist in the music scene. přelož do CZ

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