Tobax, real name Alexej, is a rising star on the international drum & bass scene, renowned for his unique approach to production and the ability to create tracks that resonate with a broad audience. Hailing from Russia, Tobax has quickly established himself as a talented producer with a distinctive ability to blend technical precision with deep emotional undertones, a trait that has helped him build a solid fan base.

His music career took off in recent years, with his work finding a home among some of the most prestigious drum & bass labels, including Eatbrain, RAM Records, and Viper Recordings. Tobax’s music is characterized by a wide range of influences, from hard-hitting neurofunk through melodic liquid dnb to experimental techstep, allowing him to reach and impact listeners across the genre spectrum.

His ability to innovate and surprise has been evident in several significant releases, which have garnered recognition and support from some of the biggest names in the scene, such as Noisia, Andy C, and Netsky. Tobax is not just a studio wizard; he is also a passionate DJ, whose live sets are famed for their energy and ability to keep the dance floor moving from start to finish.

Beyond his music career, Tobax also dedicates time to mentoring and supporting upcoming talents in the drum & bass community, testament to his passion for the genre and his commitment to its development. With his continuous push to break new ground in his production and a steadfast commitment to innovation, Tobax is clearly poised to become one of the leading names in the future of drum & bass music.

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