DJ VirCZ, is a prominent Czech music producer and DJ specializing in drum and bass. In addition to his focus on underground scenes, VirCZ also engages in creating mainstream singles. His work includes several significant singles released under various music labels.

Among his most famous tracks is “Bring Up The Bass,” released by the Neuroheadz label. This single, released in October 2022, is one of the examples of his ability to create energetic and memorable tracks within the drum and bass genre. Additionally, VirCZ released the single “Let’s Go” under the BNC Express label, further proof of his versatility and ability to adapt to different styles and subgenres within drum and bass music.

VirCZ is known for his ability to combine traditional drum and bass elements with modern trends, creating a unique and appealing musical experience. His work is highly valued not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, where he enjoys great popularity on the club scene.

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